International transport requires having a very effective organization. Orders have to be fulfilled not only smoothly but safely as well. Our job is to organise the whole transport process so as to minimise the involvement of our clients at each and every stage. We organise land and air transport all over the EU (EU forwarding).

What does collaboration involve?

Our clients are offered comprehensive services in which we can not only buy selected products but also load them and deliver safely to a destination. 
We take care that our services are at the highest level, starting with direct customer services through mediation in forwarding services to safety during transport.

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We select optimum transport solutions, taking into account the special character and volume of the products carried as well as their destination. We select the best means of transport, route, and logistics services in order to provide safe and fast carriage of goods.
We operate both in domestic and international transport, ensuring the fulfilment of all necessary formal requirements involved in the carriage of goods abroad or within the European Union.

Our offer includes, among other things:

  1. shipping services in the EU (dump truck shipping),
  2. shipping in Germany,
  3. transport services,,
  4. import,
  5. export,
  6. carriage by dump trucks (Silesia, Germany, and the EU),
  7. international truck transport, and,
  8. export of loose material.

We provide transport services by land, air and sea. Advantages of each of the types of transport are presented below:

  • Land transport – This includes truck or dump truck carriage. It provides the immediate fulfilment of orders. Owing to our collaboration with thousands of foreign firms, transport of goods can be organised almost instantaneously.
  • Railway transport – The major advantages of railway transport is that it can provide the carriage of very large quantities of goods at one time. With railway transport, you can export or import liquid, solid, or loose products (as well as small parcels).
  • Air transport – The main advantage of air transport is the speed of delivering goods to a destination. Therefore, this form of transport is used most often to carry perishable goods with a short ‘best before date’ as well as goods with short expiry periods. Air transport is also considered to be the safest form of transport.
  • Sea transport – is the most popular and economical means of transport, in particular, of large quantities of goods and raw materials. It involves, among other things, container shipments, conventional transport, RO-RO, and general cargo.

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