Air transport

Air transport is presently the most modern and fastest developing way of carrying different types of goods. Its most important advantage is the ability to reach any place in world quickly. What is more, due to the low number of accidents or unpredicted obstacles, air transport is recognised as one of the safest means of transport.

When is air transport a good choice?
Our offer of air transport is directed to companies that want to carry their goods as quickly as possible from/to Poland to/from another place in the world or to import goods from abroad to Poland. Transport of this type is particularly recommended if the goods carried are perishable (e.g. food products) or lose their value quickly.
Air transport will be a good solution also for firms that carry small quantities of goods, because freight costs depend mostly on the weight and size of products. The price for carrying small cargo via air can be similar to prices for other means of transport, namely by sea, railway, or road. Therefore, companies often decide to fly samples of commercial goods.

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Air transport – highlights
The following types of cargo are carried by air transport most often:

  • delicate and perishable goods,
  • goods with a short expiry period,
  • goods of high value,
  • goods of the motorcar industry (e.g. accessories necessary for production),
  • goods of small mass and size.

The largest cargo planes can carry up to 120 tonnes of cargo at one time. The method of loading cargo on board a plane depends primarily on the aircraft type:

  • in Boeing 747 cargo is loaded on air pallets,
  • in Boeing 747 bulk cargo is loaded on pallets,
  • in Airbus planes cargo is carried in containers.

Air transport with K Logistics 
By using our services you can be positive that your goods will be delivered quickly and safely.

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